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The SQL code autocompletion and formatting tool for SQL Server Management Studio
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dbForge SQL Complete is a useful add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. Free and paid editions of the tool offer the powerful autocompletion and formatting of T-SQL code that replaces native Microsoft T-SQL Intellisense. The tool can also be integrated into Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015. Besides the extension of the List Members, Complete Word and Parameter Info features, SQL Complete also includes SQL Formatter.

Key Features:
SQL Code Completion - Enhance code accuracy and quality, as well as simplify the process of creating SQL queries with the following features:
- Context-based code completion
- Code completion for CTE
- Managing aliases
- Suggestions of objects
- Code refactoring
- SQL snippets
- Statement suggestion
- Code highlighting
- Table names autocomplete

T-SQL Refactoring - This feature allows you to improve code readability by giving meaningful and self-explaining names to tables, columns, temporary tables and columns, views, stored procedures, and functions. SQL Complete will automatically correct all references to the renamed objects.
- Renaming objects
- Renaming variables
- Finding invalid objects

Productivity - Boost your productivity when creating, refactoring, modifying, and beautifying the code using a rich set of features:
- Data Grid commands
- Grid Aggregates
- Jump between queries
- Tab Coloring
- Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement
- Execution warnings
- Execution notifications

SQL Code Formatting - Create new formatting profiles or customize the existing ones to your needs. Fine-tune your formatting style to easily improve code readability and to introduce unified code formatting standards within your company.
- Formatting profiles
- Formatting settings
- Formatting in files and directories
- Disabling formatting for a certain part of the code
- Bulk formatting

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